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IronMill Athlete Mark Lerch wins 3rd Bro’s vs Pro’s title defeating 2 time Arnold Classic winner Derek Poundstone

The roaring Waterbury, Connecticut crowd, in a sweltering hot Poundstone Performance Gym, rooted for their hometown hero Derek Poundstone as he labored his way through his final deadlift attempts this Saturday at RX Muscle’s Bros vs. Pros 11 deadlift challenge.

Poundstone crouched down, resting all 405 pounds of weight on his massive legs as he fought exhaustion until finally conceding defeat at rep 34.  The packed gym applauded the effort and Derek shook the hand of winning competitor Mark Lerch in a shining moment of sportsmanship that is so often encountered in strength sports.

Directly following Poundstone’s round of deadlifting, RX Muscle Owner Dave Polumbo called the now 3 time champion, Mark Lerch, to his interview booth for the days final interview where Polumbo raised the smiling 28 year old’s arm  in victory.

“I was nervous the entire time Poundstone was lifting even when he started slowing down,” Lerch stated.  “Obviously he is one of the best dead lifter’s on the planet so no lead was safe.”

Lerch’s impressive 43 reps staved off Poundstone’s final push and won the Camp Hill, PA native his 3rd Bros vs Pros title along with $2,000 and the distinct honor of being the only person to ever to defeat Poundstone in his home state of Connecticut.

Poundstone, who took time off from his 2012 Worlds Strongest Man preparation and came into the contest weighing a mammoth 345 pounds said, “It was a guessing game at what weight my body would perform best at just because the (barbell) weight is so light”

Poundstone continued, “I was 305 pounds the last time I beat Mark and the lighter bodyweight is definitely better for this type of endurance event.”

The upbeat strength icon ominously went on to add grinning, “next time we will change it up and see what happens.”

When asked about a rematch, Lerch very steely replied, “I feel like I’m unbeatable at a 405 pound deadlift for reps challenge.”

Lerch’s very acute point is one the show’s enthusiastic promoter Dave Polumbo will use to his advantage in setting the stage for future events.

Finishing the show off with a 1 rep max deadlift, Poundsone showed the rest of the field why he is one of the strongest men on the planet easily deadlifting 850 pounds to set a Bros vs Pros 1 rep max deadlift record in handing Lerch a bit of friendly retribution from his earlier defeat.

“Derek’s 850 pound deadlift was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in person.  Especially after the 405  for reps challenge and battling the insane heat and humidity it was pretty incredible to watch, ” fellow Lerch lifting partner and Ironmill Team mate Louis Costa noted.

“Derek was a class act all day and just the fact he showed up, raised money for the Special Olympics and put his reputation on the line knowing he could possibly be defeated is a testament to the man’s character,”

Costa went on to explain, “All of the contestants gave absolutely 100% effort just for the chance to compete next to a legend. It was a fantastic showing for the community, the Poundstone’s , RX Muscle and Lerch .”

As for what it felt like to beat the longest active tenured American professional strongman at the event, Lerch simply said, “Winning feels good.”

While holding a $2,000 dollar check and walking away 3 time Bros vs Pros champ … I bet It sure does.





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