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3. Carefully butterfly chicken breasts, making sure not to cut all the way through. Spoon spinach mixture into chicken breasts. Wrap each with a piece of bacon, and secure with a toothpick. Place in shallow baking dish. Cover.

Melting Pot

  Melting Pot By Team Ironmill’s own Swedish Chef: Magnus   Lately I have been researching a lot of diets and like most meat head I started to get self-conscious in the summer time.  Normally I turn into a frail image of my normally bountiful self when the temperature starts to rise. This year was […]

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Q&A With Team Ironmill’s Rebecca Klopp

Rebecca Klopp: The “Fitness Femme Fatale”   Ironmill first crossed paths with the blonde fitness fatale at Bro’s vs Pro’s in Waterbury Connecticut at Poundstone’s Performance gym this summer.  Matched against some of the most muscled and impressive looking professional women athletes ever assembled to compete in a strength/endurance event, the aesthetic looking fitness model seemed […]

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Quad/Patellar Tendonitis & The Dreaded “Movie Theater Knee” by Jim Dart

Quad/Patellar Tendonitis & The Dreaded “Movie Theater Knee”. Jim Dart, PTA There you are, enjoying watching the 9’ tall blue and yellow neon painted alien warriors as they fight over-zealous caucasian jarheads for peace and unity on their home planet when the throbbing, relentless deep ache starts. You didn’t even train today; you were minding your […]

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