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Quad/Patellar Tendonitis & The Dreaded “Movie Theater Knee” by Jim Dart

Quad/Patellar Tendonitis & The Dreaded “Movie Theater Knee”. Jim Dart, PTA There you are, enjoying watching the 9’ tall blue and yellow neon painted alien warriors as they fight over-zealous caucasian jarheads for peace and unity on their home planet when the throbbing, relentless deep ache starts. You didn’t even train today; you were minding your […]

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Bros v Pros 11

    IronMill Athlete Mark Lerch wins 3rd Bro’s vs Pro’s title defeating 2 time Arnold Classic winner Derek Poundstone The roaring Waterbury, Connecticut crowd, in a sweltering hot Poundstone Performance Gym, rooted for their hometown hero Derek Poundstone as he labored his way through his final deadlift attempts this Saturday at RX Muscle’s Bros […]

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