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CrossFit = Weakness into Strength

Have you ever wondered what exactly the Abercrombie models over at crossfit actually do? By now, we all have heard of wall balls, WOD’s, Paleo and kipping pull-ups. But the details to most strength athletes and fitness enthusiasts in general are still very foreign. At Ironmill, we wanted to explore the very real possibility of […]

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What it Takes

WHAT IT TAKES By the Powerlifting Preacher   This article is for two groups of people. You’ve never worked out seriously and haven’t been in shape since Middle School.  Sure you have a Gazelle in your garage and a copy of 6 Minute Abs on VHS, and maybe a Planet Fitness tag on your keychain, […]

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Quad/Patellar Tendonitis & The Dreaded “Movie Theater Knee” by Jim Dart

Quad/Patellar Tendonitis & The Dreaded “Movie Theater Knee”. Jim Dart, PTA There you are, enjoying watching the 9’ tall blue and yellow neon painted alien warriors as they fight over-zealous caucasian jarheads for peace and unity on their home planet when the throbbing, relentless deep ache starts. You didn’t even train today; you were minding your […]

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