Interview with Bigg Dogg Strongg’s Johnny Wasiczko

Ironmill caught up with the newest Lightweight Pro Strongman Johnny “Bra” Wasiczko to talk his latest win at the Dallas Europa and how it feels to finally become a Pro Strongman.



Johnny, how did you first get into the sport of Strongman?

Basically, it was a fluke. I saw a poster promoting a strongman contest and I showed up to compete!


What has been your best memory to date in the sport?  You’ve been around the block a few times!

I’ve competed in just over 40 contests. But only 5 as a light weight!!!

The Dallas Europa has to be the greatest memory winning this contest and getting my pro card is such a great feeling. It’s been simply incredible


Your Bigg Dogg Strongg equipment has become prominent in almost every strongman contest across the country the past few years.  Where did you get the idea to start manufacturing your own heavy duty line of equipment?

Bigg Dogg Strongg came out of nowhere. I was getting ready for Nationals in 2009 and didn’t have a log and was looking to buy one. When my wife saw what I was looking to buy she said her dad could make it and he did and it was the best piece of equipment I’ve ever seen or used so right at that moment Bigg Dogg Strongg started!!!


What have the challenges been in balancing your business with training?

Finding time to train is the hardest part of the balancing act between business and training.  In strongman, you have to MAKE the time to be successful!


What has been the most impressive feat of strength that you have seen in the sport?

The most impressive feat I’ve seen in strongman is Mike Jenkins killing the Austrian Oak log at the Arnold Classic and beating Big Z in an overhead event.  It was amazing to see live.


What is the Johnny “Bra” training philosophy towards your own programming?

My philosophy on training is: everything works but won’t work all the time so keep changing it up. Sleep, eat, rest are all just as important as training and make sure you always warm up and get as much massage ART work as you can so you won’t be sidelined by injuries.


Where did the idea come to finally cut to the 231 weight class and earn that ASC Pro Card?

The idea for cutting to 231 was a revaluation of sorts. LOL! I know I’m strong enough to hang with the big boys. I’ve won more than 20 heavyweight competitions but on the top level at 265lbs all I could do was hang. As you know, the great heavyweights out there today are truly giants and dinosaurs.  So I made the decision to cut to 231 and it turned out to be the right choice!


What is next on your radar now as a PRO Strongman?

Winning this pro card has opened a lot of doors for me, more than I ever dreamed about. It has absolutely been a dream come true.

First off, I’m a professional athlete, which is amazing.  Next I qualified for America’s strongest man in October along with the Arnold Amateur Championships in March. The real icing on the cake is that my first pro contest will be in China Sept 20-24th for the Chinese Hercules Championship which is an all expense paid trip plus $5000 prize money!!!  You gotta love being a pro!



I want to end by giving a huge thank you to:

Lynn my love for always keeping me focused and moving forward

Mom & Dad

NAS/ASC for the opportunity

Mike Jenkins for the training programs

LYC – Linden Yard Training Crew

Everyone I’ve ever trained with or competed with, all of you made me who I am today.

Thank you

5 Responses to Interview with Bigg Dogg Strongg’s Johnny Wasiczko

  1. Dart August 29, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Great Job again Johnny!

  2. Bear August 31, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Way to Go, Johnny!!!

    ~ Barney

  3. billy reds September 2, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Hey John congrats.after 40 shows and everything u bring to the sport in the equipment aspect u deserve that card.only downside is we wont b in the same shows anymore so I cant c u grown man in Capri’s smashing

  4. Tony "Gilgamesh" September 13, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    Johnny has done more for the sport of strongman than his humility would take credit for. Ever since I was 19 I’ve have the honor of meeting, competition with/against and watching Mr. Bigg Dogg Strongg himself. No matter how many times I place in last place or wanted to just bailout and quit from frustration, Johnny always took the time to give me advice, cheer me on and support me no matter how focused or invested into the event, Johnny was always a great help. When we had NYC’s Strongest Man competition and everything went to hell and back, Johnny stepped to the plate helped judge, officiates, set up and run the contest and showed through leadership among his sense of team work.Johnny promotes great legendary shows that even doing horrible you feel you had a life time experience. I guess what I am trying to sum up is Johnny is a hard worker and a class act. -Tony


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