Owner / Promoter / Strongman / Lover / Burrito Connoisseur

I believe in the power of strength training, fitness, exercise or whichever your niche’ in the world of workout … to drive and to change your life.

There is a discipline involved in training and great reward for those of us who constantly evolve our bodies shape, size and strength.  This reward is one that I personally believe very deeply having been a personal trainer, strength coach and mentor to many young athletes for many years.

My journey through this life has run the gambit of emotion from grand elation to dumb ass mishap and taken every single turn in between one could conjure up.

The anchor through my course of existence has always been my commitment to strength and the positivity surrounding that dedication.

The connection I have to training is actually palpable, almost indescribable when you work for something so hard that was thought impossible a month, a year, a decade ago … and now that same un moveable obstacle bends to your will as you grow in knowledge, strength and power.

It is that feeling that I wish to share with our community. The power to change after failure, to adapt and then to OVERCOME.

When we drive ourselves to capabilities that others are unable to understand or comprehend, we form a bond amongst us.

Ironmill is that place to share that bond.

The Brother and Sisterhood of “Iron” where the passion of sharing a wealth of information, experience, media and change is more than just welcomed, it is encouraged.

If you read our philosophy  and there is a fire sparked inside of you to introduce yourself to that idea of dedication, 100 % percent effort and absolute pride in yourself to  not only change your physique but to cause a real shift your thinking … than we have accomplished our initial goal.

We here at Ironmill believe to our core that the commitment and knowledge we help instill in you to succeed to the betterment of your personal fitness goals will extend far past squats, dead lift’s and dumbells.  We believe that the commitment to the betterment of yourself will translate deeply into a more positive life as well.

I write that last statement with absolute sincerity.

I write that sincerely because that commitment and knowledge has changed many people’s lives around me.

It has brought us into this community together.

It has given us focus.

It has instilled work ethic.

It has forced a paradigm shift in our thinking.  It makes the impossible, possible.

It suits us with the armor to overcome anything we are willing to work towards.

It is the passion forged within ourselves and brought together by the common bond of a stronger you.

I welcome you. We welcome you.


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