Broken Feets

IFSA shield smashing through feet.


This is what happens when you make dumb decisions concerning 400 lb. strongman implements.

Really testing out the Overcome Everything mantra !

Right now my workouts consist of very very lite upper body work.

Its been kind of a rally cry for me to come back from this for NAS Nationals this year.

I am healing faster than I ever thought possible and that is a very positive feeling.  It’s keeping me upbeat.

I decided early in this process that if i was going to preach a never say die attitude and tell people they can over come anything.  What better time to actually walk the walk.

So if you see me hobbling around, do not hold the door open.  Or ask how I am doing.  Ask me when I will be dead lifting again and how much range of motion I have back.

Remind me that many peoples struggles have been harder and that I should stop being dramatic !

Looking forward to being full strength again.  Nothing makes you appreciate strength more than not having it.

Walking the Walk.  Whew.  Painful. But eye opening!






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