I am not going to act like I haven’t started a nationals training and then not finished it.  Its happened plenty of times before.

Infact, I am basically the king of wish washy commitments to the sport previous to this year.  It really wasn’t that I didn’t care, but things come up and I’m like the little kid that wont go inside after playing football outside with his friends all day.  I just want to do everything, I love competing.  I look at a show and go ohhh…I wanna do that one.  No..I wanna do this one. Ohhh. That one’s pretttty

By the time I make a plan and set myself on my way…Poof…life happens and throws a wrench in everything. But! I’m getting better!

I am beginning to become much better at time management and priority thanks to Amanda ( My lil’ partner and burrito maker)

Prior to me being a complete dumb ass and breaking both my feet 3 weeks ago.  I was as strong as I’ve ever been.  Not in superb shape as far as overall conditioning but I was hitting numbers I had never approached.  It was fantastic.

My goal was always to build a strong base and then get in condition for Nationals before the accident because it is a notoriously lite show where speed and fractions of seconds always mean many points in competition.

I have been hitting short cable workouts and seated upperbody exercises with my feet up trying to stay active for the past three weeks of basic non activity waiting for my damned feet to heal.  Shuffling around Walmart and trying to get things ready to launch.

Everyday I’m Shufflin’

So we were getting a few things ready to go at the gym.  Basic odds and ends before we start loading up the equipment next week.  I was feeling a bit froggy and the hummer tire deadlift was just sitting there.  I said what the hey.  It was probably a bad idea at the time and my feet are killing me.  But I’m committing myself to training for nationals and we will see where I land.


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