Storage Unit of Truth Training

Last Night:

After a good 7 weeks of hardcore strength inactivity ( 4 post contest + 3 post feets break) I called up Ironmill Team Member Jonny P and we set up an impromptu session at The Storage Unit of Truth.  Why Truth ?  Because you find out where you stand with no frills.  No camera tricks or internet exaggerations.  NO bathrooms or fans.  Just Iron and pavement.

He hadn’t worked events in a few months and I needed to squat atleast once this summer!  :)

I opted to start with farmers picks strapped up to simulate the car deadlift apparatus.  Worked up to 275 with no belt to get my core /  back activating.  Felt really great.

3 sets of 5 with a set of shrugs to finish.  Nice and easy

Yoke squat – I still feel really uncomfortable with the idea of stepping with weight on my feet as my noticeable gimp and grimmace as I walk has not subsided. So to be safe. the yoke kept me stationary along with safe and just to get the feel of the implement I decided on  3/4  Yoke squats.  Worked up to 550 no belt no wraps 3 sets of 5 and was really pleased with how easy they felt.

My feet were aching after this.  ugh!  The good ache!  but again…the whole time I could feel scar tissue and whatever else was going on my feet moving around and cracking and waking up from their painful vacation away from supporting my giant ass.

Finished with two sets of moderately heavy zombie prowler pushed for glute hams.  Basically.  I walk stiff legged off my heals and drive through your hams and glutes.

I was legitimately concerned at how out of breath I was after just walking the 80 ft and back twice .  But.  Its as good of a place to start as any.



Woke up at six this morning and went down to Lanc-Side ( small gym here in lancaster ) to work with a few guys nice enough to let us use their gym while we move all of our equipment into Ironmill in the next two weeks. Really nice gesture.

Also, Since we’ve had so much interest in the bootcamps I cannot run since I can’t obviously do much besides shuffle around and breath heavy, I needed to get used to the early morning workout again.  Something I love to do!

Did close grip bench presses up to 335 for 5.  Pretty easy stuff.  Didn’t wanna push anything. And I get zero leg drive out of legs and dont want to lose balance on bench.

225 for 20

Tricep Pushdowns.

Wish i could take the weekend to rest…..But no rest for the wicked.  Gotta keep moving and shuffling and launching the dream.  Can’t say enough how good it felt to be back doing things “heavy-ish” after a couple of weeks.

Thanx for the read.

Thanx to Dustin at Lanc – Side.

Body is sooo beat!  time for rest!





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