Hit some pressing while we were knocking down walls today at the gym/facility.

1st day of dieting for nationals. Experimenting with half eaten cheeseburgers out of the garbage.

Standing Barbell Strict Press – ( wont have axles and rack until next week so just biding the time)

Also, Can’t do anything on toes yet becuase of the broken feet.


135 x 5

185 x 3

225 x 3

255 x 3

275  x 1

305 x 1 – Strict Press PR.

225 x 8


Standing 1 arm dbell press – 1 minute rest inbetween each set.

80lbs x 5 left and right arm

100lbs x 5 both arms

100lbs x 5 both arms

Close Grip Bench Presses.  Didn’t have a spotter so I just did pause reps

135 x 10

225 x 10

225 x 10

5 sets of Med Ball throws.  Overhead / left / right – 5 reps each.

Pretty fat and out of shape.  Feel like Randy from trailer park boys.

I’ve seen ya put 15 half eaten cheesburger’s in that tank – Bubbles



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