Almost every wednesday I drive up to Camp Hill LA Fitness from Lancaster to train one of my long time clients World Class Distance Swimmer Ted Gregory.  Also I get to train with the Powerlifting Preacher so that is an added bonus along with eating delicious Neato Burrito’s.  If you don’t know what Neato Burrito is.  Google it.  Love it.  Understand the obsession.

Ted Gregory’s favorite training quote when I ask him if he wants to do another set. “What the fuck do I care, that’s what I’m paying you to tell me.”

Ted is 75 and F’n hilarious.  He would be downright dangerous to most women’s relationship if he was 30 years younger.  Either or he loves training and I enjoy training him probably more than any other of my clients.  He also pays me well for my time, so that helps keep the bond strong :)

I usually train Ted for 45 minutes, pretty intense through machine supersets and old school iron training.  He wants to feel hardcore and I’ll tell ya he really does train harder than most 40 year olds in the gym.

After I finish me and Dan Masshardt will hit a body part or two but today I wanted to try squatting for the first time since busting up the feets.  My feet keep getting better but that does not keep the throbbing from subsiding.  It gets old.

Warm UP -

bodyweight squats – 2 sets of 20.

135 x 10

225 x 5

315 x 5

315 x 5

225 x 10

I was surprised at how easy everything felt.  Very lite.  Very explosive.  The only problem was after I would walk the weight ten feet out of the shitty La Fitness racks, My feet felt fine while squatting!  It was AFTER I put the weight back and stand with no weight on my shoulders that my feet would ache!  Either way.  I’m paying for it now.

Leg Press -

Was going to do some reverse hack (sven squats) but my lower back and hips were very very shaky from not being used for 8 weeks.

Jumped on the leg press.

5 plates each side – 20 reps

6 plates each side – 20 reps

6 plates each side – 20 reps.

Wanted to do these somewhat heavy for decent amount of reps to help build my cardio back up.  I can’t believe how out of shape I am!  whew!  Can’t say how good it felt to get the heart rate up and get the legs working though.  Very pleased with how everything went.

Pulldowns -

Machine pull downs.  Just to do something for back.

200 x 15

250 x 12

285 x 12 x 12

That’ll do it.  Wanted to save some in the tank for Press day tomorrow in the basement of destiny with JP.

Event’s on Saturday or Sunday at Jerry Zimmerman’s.

May try and do some very very lite walking with the events this weekend.  Against better judgment but the weights came out for nats and it has me motivated!  Glad everything is heavy.

Gonna start cutting for the 265 class after this weekend.  A good friend is coming into town and it’s time we got back to the good life WEEZER style for a few days before going all militant on the diet.

Whew. Feet are up and icing.  Good day.





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